Why choose homeschooling?

Me, homeschooling?

Me, when there’s school? Why do something that is planned by the society?

We will see it, this reasoning is false. We delegated what was ours. This did not create freedom for us, but dependence.

Sometimes you fall to the ground, so much evidence has disappeared. School is so far from the essential that we don’t know what to say anymore. ​

Why do you think it’s important to do school at home?

Here are the reasons given by a sample of 12,500 people:

  1. The level at school is insufficient (and the academy rectors agree with you, we will see)
  2. You’re looking for a different way of teaching
  3. You fear the new mandatory vaccination
  4. You think it’s not up to the school to educate your child, but to you alone
  5. You refuse compulsory school from the age of 3
  6. You notice a deviation from the law and sometimes find it “illegal”, illegitimate
  7. You refuse the new “sex education programs”, especially for toddlers
  8. There is a problem of violence at school
  9. Your child is being harassed
  10. There’s a problem with the method at school
  11. You want your child to flourish
  12. Your child is isolated by other children or has difficulty getting along with them
  13. Your child deserves to be what he wants to be
  14. You want a way of life that unites the whole family in a project
  15. Your child no longer wants to go to school
  16. Your child deserves attention
  17. Your child goes to school at home, he has no problems and it goes well.
  18. You do not agree with the programs or some programs (History too “official”, absence of logic in math, absence of grammar in French, misguided secularism, politics too displayed etc.)
  19. You fear bad behaviour and influences
  20. Your child is of a special constitution (health)
  21. You have a quality requirement
  22. You don’t want your child to become something “like everyone else”
  23. A material reason forces you to think about it (moving, transfer, unemployment, other)
  24. Private school is too expensive
  25. There is too much noise at school (According to a Belgian study published in 2011, the 85 decibel threshold is regularly crossed in the schoolyards)

But maybe for now you think that:

  1. You don’t have the time / you work, so it’s impossible
  2. A priori, you don’t really see yourself there or not at all, without going into detail
  3. You think you don’t have enough money
  4. You’re afraid the child will be isolated
  5. You think the law is preventing or limiting your ability to do so and you’re going to have to fight.
  6. The pressure from family and friends is too strong
  7. You are afraid of your abilities: you lack self-confidence, you fear not having the level, you fear a problem of authority, you have requirements or on the contrary you lack them…
  8. You’re afraid of the process.
  9. You don’t know what you’re going to do together, because of a relationship you consider fusional.